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Director:  Michele Fischer

Screenwriter:  Michele Fischer 

Director of Photography/Editor: Kevin Specht

Starring:  Scott Bailey, Michele Fischer

Genre: Faith-Drama

Length: 33 minutes  


Lost & Found - The Book of Dana is the story of a young woman named Dana: a frustrated actress who has reached the end of her rope. Resorting to solemn walks through the wild hillside beyond Los Angeles, she becomes haunted by the ghost of a rancher from the late 1800's.   As she spends time with him, she begins to see her life in a whole new light.   


But is he a ghost?  Or something more?

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Directors:  Michele Fischer & Stephen Phenow

Screenwriter:  Michele Fischer

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Length: 3 minutes


This teaser was made to promote the feature project currently in development.  It was an ambitious project for Michele Fischer, a first-time producer, who also directed and stars in this three-minute trailer.   On a shoestring budget of under $2,000, the final result values over $10,000.  The short includes: use of green screen, a spaceship interior set (Laurel Canyon Studios), model spaceships (designed by DLD Productions), six locations including Ft. MacArthur Museum, set and prop designs by Mark Fenlason (Titanic), a cast and crew of about fifty people, further enhanced with special and visual effects by Sony CGI artist, Chris Roda (Spider-Man).


Director:  Esther Rowden

Screenwriter:  Michele Fischer 

Editors: Esther Rowden & Michele Fischer

Starring:  Pejman Mokhtari, Sean LaMonte

Genre: Faith-Drama

Length:   8 minutes  


An ISIS prison guard learns from an American soldier prisoner the secret to happiness.


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