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In Development 

Hold Onto Me

Genre:  Faith - Family

"The family that prays together, stays together."

Marjie Monroe, a former middle-school history teacher, gains sudden custody of her orphaned niece and nephew on her lone, California ranch.  At first put off by their eccentric aunt and her old-fashioned ways, Arundel and Ruan soon discover her ranch animals and a legendary secret they hide.


Hold OnTo Me is a heart-warming, family-geared story with the feel of classic Disney films. Ten-year-old Arundel, wheelchair-bound from a car accident that took her parents’ lives, discovers she has the ability to hear the thoughts of her aunt’s ranch animals: an alpaca named “Al”; her cow, “Brownie”; two exotic sheep, “Montana” and “Sequoia”; two pot-bellied pigs, “Pickles” and “Jacks”; and two miniature goats, “Woody” and “Buzz”.   It’s a story about “Who" to hold onto in times of trouble.


The Branded Heart

Genre:  Faith - Romantic Comedy

God works in mysterious ways.


Renee Twining, a single, 21st century professional, wakes up one morning to find herself lying outside on the grounds of a ranch in the year 1877.  Taken in by the ranch owner, Sam Egan, and his family, she finds herself falling in love with him but does everything she can not to cause trouble, only creating more trouble! When a mysterious stranger comes to town that has a relentless interest in Mrs. Egan, Renee must find out why before it is too late for all of them. 


Based on the novel of same title by Michele E. Fischer published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, and an original, geniune version also by Fischer.  Both versions are  available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon (geniune version here on Amazon).   Or dive into the experience at:


Scripts & presentations available for serious inquiries.  Contact 9 doors Prods.


In concept:

Genre:  Faith - Drama

                                                                  "In God We Trust"


When a Maryland state delegate orders a hand-made desk from a local shop in Historic Annapolis, she meets the mysterious and mute carpenter (Peter Thawes) who builds it with a craftsmanship not seen in centuries.  It is as though he has stepped out of the 18th century into the 21st.  His knowledge of Annapolis life during the American Revolution is so astounding and accurate that it seems impossible to believe he could be anything other than a misplaced colonist.   When he finds his voice, Peter says much about America today and what this nation's forefathers  really intended it to be.  He knows where this country has been -  and where it's going.  But can he

impact the change that must occur in America before it is too late?


Mama - Baby

Genre:  Faith - Comedy

                                                        "BIG problems take baby steps."


 Jan Welles is stuck: in a job with a corrupted boss; with a lazy, unemployed husband; and the challenge of supporting their one-year-old daughter, Lillian, (and pay the mortgage) on her own.  Desperate for help, she appeals to God in a panic.  But the help she gets is far beyond what she could have ever expected!  In a single moment, both mama and baby look at their hands only to realize they are not their own - but each others!  It's a soul swap with hilarious repercussions and a precious lesson for life.


 "What did I learn by being Lillian? I learned that when we hold our child's hand as she's learning to        walk, it's the same as God holding our hand when we're walking through something difficult."

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